Shelton Wastewater Treatment Facility - Generator Replacement


SSA teamed up with Parametrix for the renovation of the Shelton Wastewater Treatment Facility.  Electrical improvements were made which included the installation of a larger emergency generator to provide power for the new UV disinfection system, replacing the existing gaseous chlorination system that presented a safety hazard to the surrounding community and treatment plant staff.


Our team evaluated noise levels from the generator to the nearest receiving properties, and developed mitigation options for intake, discharge, and exhaust paths for the generator to achieve code compliance with the City of Shelton.


The small project site limited options for the building and generator configuration.  Generator noise levels would have been more than 20 dBA above code without mitigation.


We utilized the building configuration to optimize noise reduction for generator air intake.  Additionally, we provided cost-effective noise control solutions including acoustical treatment of the generator room, silencers, and exhaust mufflers to reduce generator noise to meet code limits.