Developing Noise-Safe Environments

Insurers are reporting a 50% increase in industrial deafness claims over the past two years.



Sustained exposure to industrial noise over 85 decibels can cause hearing impairment, stress and high blood pressure.  Excessive industrial noise can also contribute to work accidents by interfering with concentration and drowning out warning noises.

Our Expertise:

SSA is the only national firm specializing in monitoring, mitigating, and working with contractors to achieve “in-field” measured results in the industrial environment.  We seek to create environments which comply with industry standards and local code.

We work collaboratively with our clients on work and equipment maintenance schedules to reduce excess noise, recommending cost-effective absorptive treatments and barriers to achieve OSHA standards.

Maintaining safe environments for workers and the surrounding community necessitates regular noise monitoring, evaluation and mitigation as their businesses grow and change.