Virginia Mason Medical Center Expansion – Hyperbaric Chambers

Seattle, WA

NBBJ Architects

Upgrades and Expansions

Virginia Mason is the Pacific Northwest’s regional referral center for hyperbaric medicine.  High demand for their expertise, as well as need for facility upgrades, led to an expansion to the center.  SSA Acoustics provided acoustical design recommendations for all aspects of the new hyperbaric chambers.  From floor/ceiling assemblies to wall types and HVAC system design, all areas were designed with care and precision.


The team at SSA Acoustics worked closely with the team at NBBJ to provide the full scope of acoustical design services including architectural, sound isolation, mechanical noise and vibration control based on the standards established by ASHRAE.  SSA also provided recommendations for interior treatments of the medical library and classrooms to create a quiet atmosphere and achieve speech intelligibility.


SSA presented a variety of acoustical concerns associated with the sound isolation of the air compressors and the mechanical equipment associated with the air pressurization system of the hyperbaric chambers.  In addition to the common concerns regarding sound transmission through wall and floor assemblies, SSA addressed concerns regarding interior absorptive treatments in the medical library.  Construction noise was also addressed due to the possibility of it disrupting the surrounding sensitive areas.


SSA evaluated the HVAC system for noise and vibrations, particularly the new ductwork layout including any air handling units, exhaust fans, pumps etc.  We carefully reviewed all drawings regarding the implementation of acoustical recommendations, and issued a written report upon completion of our review noting areas requiring additional design.