Dillard University Student Union Center

New Orleans, LA

Campo Architects 



The Dillard Student Union Center is a new addition to the campus.  SSA provided full scope of services which included architectural review, environmental review and mechanical noise and vibration control.  


The project called for the installation of track lanes and bowling alleys on the second level.  This places impact sources directly above noise sensitive spaces such as offices, conference rooms and other work spaces.  Impact associated with sources such as these are often difficult to reduce once the vibration energy has entered the structure. Heavy footfalls from running and bowling ball impacts required special consideration in an effort to isolate from the source.


SSA reviewed the planned construction of the structural slab assembly for natural frequencies of vibration. Based on our experience this condition immediately raised flags and warranted further investigation to ensure that the activities, such as running and bowling ball impact, did not intrude into spaces below. Recommendations included constructing a floating slab assembly below the bowling alley. This consisted of a raised concrete slab floating on spring isolators. Spring isolators allow for floor leveling once finishes and equipment have been installed. Not only was the floor isolated but the ceiling below the structural slab was isolated using neoprene hangers with hard GWB ceiling.

The track space was fitted with a resiliently suspended ceiling system implementing similar neoprene hangers to prevent impacts from footfalls.