Medina, WA

McGranahan Architects
Bellevue School District

Creating Spaces Conducive to Learning and Expression

Medina Elementary School is a new, two-story, 67,000 square foot school with approximately 550 K-5 students.  The $18,000,000 building, finished in 2006, is designed to support a variety of extracurricular activities including drama, martial arts, math training nights and robotics club.  The school features indoor and outdoor learning areas, wireless internet, interactive white boards and an integrated sound reinforcement system for distributing school generated video to all classrooms.


Architectural, HVAC mechanical noise control and multimedia design services were requested throughout the building, including the gym and multi-purpose area.  For example, the multi-purpose room needed a listening space where natural sound from the stage and sound system speakers could be clearly heard with intensity, spaciousness and balance throughout the seating area.


SSA recommended the gym, classrooms, offices, workrooms, stage, orchestra, library and media center acoustical treatments that complimented the design and planned activities for each space.  The recommendation included the proper location, weight and stiffness of reflecting surfaces, the provision of sufficient room volume and the selection of absorptive and finish materials.  The needs of the multi-purpose room were addressed with metal decks and acoustic wall panels.


McGranahan Architects has over 50 award winning years of dedication to public and educational facilities.  In our years of business, SSA has been invited to provide acoustical design recommendations on over twenty Washington State public K-12 schools to McGranahan.