Acoustical Design for Elementary Schools

Children under 13 are especially sensitive to noise.  For them to be able to hear and process what their teachers are saying effectively, they need a learning environment that is designed well acoustically.


Children are more sensitive to ambient noise and uncontrolled reverberation than adults.  In numerous studies, children have demonstrated impaired listening, comprehension and recall ability in classrooms with poor sound control.

Our Expertise

SSA is a popular choice for elementary school acoustical design because we have a deep understanding of noise sensitivities within elementary schools and the corresponding standards that have been developed to ensure that children are able to learn in an acoustically optimized environment.  We follow the acoustical performance criteria , design requirements and guidelines for schools (ANSI S12.60) and the unique requirements of each state and school district.  Our designs support LEED certification and other environmentally responsible design approaches.  Elementary school budgets are limited; therefore, many have spaces that have multiple functions.  For example, a gymnasium may also be used as an auditorium, performance art space and a cafeteria.  Each of these different uses requires a unique set of acoustics for high quality sound performance.  With years of experience working on dozens of elementary schools, we have developed a talent for maximizing sound performance for multiple function spaces at a minimal cost.