9th and Stewart Life Sciences Building

Seattle, WA

MBT Architects


The scope of services for new Life Sciences building included reviewing architectural elements for sound isolation, speech privacy, and reverberation control. Mechanical systems were reviewed to prevent intrusive noise and vibration. Exterior equipment associated with the building was evaluated for compliance to city ordinance noise levels.


The project is designed up to national standards for high-performance, sustainable buildings as per LEED criteria. Incorporating elements for sound isolation and noise control from mechanical equipment was essential.


Our team worked side by side with the MBT and Holaday-Parks to coordinate efforts in selecting materials and alternative equipment that will achieve the LEED criteria. Where treatment was necessary to control reverberation and interior sound quality materials with recycled content were employed and proven to be effective in modeling these systems. Where prefabricated silencers were necessary, units were selected that were filled with 100% natural fibers and did not contain any glass.